"I'm delighted you wish to meet. The following answers are here to guide you prior making a booking. Be courteous and polite, it will make the booking procedure much easier and you will make me feel comfortable" A.D.



  • Various screening options available, it is at my sole discretion to screen how/who/when

  • Deposit of around 30% is required for confirming a booking 

  • Deposit is to be made by gift card or online pre-payment 

  • At the time of the booking you will be instructed what to provide and when for both screening & deposit



  • Minimum 2h booking

  • Discovery rate 1.5h is available for new friends, exclusively for first date only

  • For any additional hour of meeting, my hourly rate applies

  • Dinner/Social date available on repeat 18:00-22:00 (2h dinner / 2h intimacy) 

  • Overnight available on repeat from 21:00 to 09:00 (no dinner, 8h sleep)

  • Day trip & Fly Me To You available on repeat (1 day & 1 overnight, transports fee to add on) 

  • Longer/social dates are not available for a first date, only on repeat



  • Available from 13:00 to 00:00

  • Morning are for private life, therefore Im not available

  • In China Mainland only OUTCALL to your hotel is offered

  • While touring, INCALL preferred & mandatory for 1st meet

  • While touring, OUTCALL on repeat can be considered but not guaranteed

  • My INCALL locations are 5 stars hotels, discreet and easy access

  • Your OUTCALL location must be on same level or above my incall's



  • Contact me as early as you can, to insure availability. Same day booking rarely works.

  • Be curious and check my social media, read my recent testimonials so you know what to expect
  • Please note my online privacy means a lot to me, therefore do not ask for a selfie, I won't reply

  • I usually travel well prepared and outfits/lingerie are carefully selected. In case you expect something special, check my wish list and surprise me for our session

  • Be sure to read this page fully as well as DO & DON'T & NUMBERS.



  • Be 200% sure about your agenda

  • Send a proper introduction & inquiry, including the city where you want to meet

  • Refrain from asking questions that are already answered here

  • Kindly fill in the contact form available here

  • Or reach me via e-mail directly   asiandemoiselle@hotmail.com or   WhatsApp, by text  only: 008618820401039 (calls will be unanswered, number will be blocked)

  • I prefer to finalize booking via WhatsApp



  • The donation should be prepared ahead of our date, in an envelop

  • Only one currency, do not mix US$ with HK$ for example

  • Handover to me as soon as we meet, do not make me ask for it

  • To indulge ourselves, please prepare yourself and keep good hygiene prior our date.

  • If your behavior makes me feel uncomfortable, if you fail to respect my boundaries repeatedly, I will stop the session and leave



  • Threesome MMF or MFF

  • GS (giving, not receiving)

  • A-Levels (at my own discretion, on repeat only)

  • Strap-on

  • Any other scenario/request please do mention in your inquiry email/message (not giving rimming and no facial performed)



  • Writing about it already makes me painful! Please don't be that one, do the right thing to keep our date on

  • Anyway, be aware: canceling 24h or less prior our date will lead you straight to being ban. I won't return your messages/emails. Deposit will be kept. Your loss.

  • Did I mention cancelation really makes me painful?